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Lickety-split Services are quick services that are great for professionals who are on their lunch breaks. Each includes polish removal, cuticle treatment, nail maintenance, and the client’s choice of polish or a high-shine buff.

MANICURE 25 mins.  $20
PEDICURE  30 mins.  $25


Uptown Girl/Guy PAINT Services are designed to deliver complete nail care as well as comfort and relaxation. They include nail maintenance, hydrating cuticle care, and an aromatic, exfoliating sugar scrub up to the wrist or ankle. Uptown Girl/Guy PAINT Pedicures include a painless alpha-hydroxy-acid heel smoothing treatment. The services are finished off with a luxurious hot towel treatment, a relaxing massage, and polish.

MANICURE 35 mins.
PEDICURE 45 mins.

talk of the town

Talk of the Town PAINT Services are the height of luxury from start to finish. They include nail maintenance and detailing, hydrating cuticle care, and an aromatic, exfoliating sugar scrub from the tips of the digits to the base of the knee or elbow. Talk of the Town Pedicures also include a painless alphahydroxy- acid heel treatment. The warm paraffin treatment and relaxing extended massage that follow will surely have you melting in your seat. Finally, the service is “polished off” (pun intended) with your choice of lacquer.

MANICURE 45 mins. 
PEDICURE 60 mins.


Designed for girls age ten and under, Mini-Paint Services include nail maintenance, gentle cuticle care, a warm towel treatment, massage, and polish application.

MANICURE  30 mins.
PEDICURE  30 mins.


Nail art. $5+


French. $10


Massage (10 min). $10


Paraffin wax (10 min). $10


Mask (10 min). $10


Upgrade your service to include no-chip, LED polish! This gel lacquer is a “true” gel, not a resin hybrid, and will not dry out your nail plates or cause the white discoloration that resin polishes leave behind. Each coat of No Chip Paint cures completely to a rockhard, high gloss finish that lasts!


Sculpted Gel

Sculpted gel nails are the healthier and modern alternative to acrylic nails.  No Formaldehyde, Toulene, DBP, BHA, or Solvents.

FULL SET  90 mins.  $70
FILL  60 mins.  $55


PAINT’s eyelash extensions are not only “natural” looking, but they’re “better for your eyes” because we utilize a latex and formaldehyde free adhesive.

Lash consultation: Complementary

Full set: $175

Lash fill: $60-$75

Lash tinting: $20


Our waxing services are done using a non-wax soy based formula that has botanicals and emollients, reducing clients’ irritation and redness.

Lip: $12

Chin: $12

Leg: $20-50

Arm: $20-50

Bikini: $35

Brazilian: $55

Brow wax & shaping: $18

Brow tinting: $15